Monday, February 1, 2010

I Got Tagged

My training buddy Mark at tagged me to list my 10 favorite things.  I normally send this stuff to my recycle bin but I am going to do it just for Mark.

1) Cuddling up on the couch with my wife and daughter.  That is when my daughter will sit still for more than five seconds.

2) Playing with my daughter Isabelle on the floor after dinner.  I'll like it even more when she learns how to pick up her toys.

3) The smell of my wife's sauce cooking all through the house.

4) Going to bed with my wife at night.  I am not being dirty.  I like to cuddle.

5) Going on a long training ride through the country and seeing all of the stuff you don't see when you are driving.

6) Pasta on Sunday.  Like air, I can't live without it.

7) The satisfaction I get when I complete a project around the house.

8) The smell of Italian bread cooking in the over and eating a fresh piece with oil, pepper and cheese.

9) The feeling of perfection and being unstoppable when I am running, riding or swimming and I get in to my perfect rythem.

10) Spending all day with Roseann and Isabelle doing what ever.

Thats my list of my 10 favorite in no particular order.

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